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Publics & Practices' Publications

Recent Books

  • Patrick, R. (2017) For Whose Benefit?: The Everyday Realities of Welfare Reform, Policy Press
  • Vitellone, N. (2017) Social Science of the Syringe: A Sociology of Injecting Drug Use, Taylor & Francis
  • Khoury, S. and Whyte, D. (2016) Corporate Human Rights Violations: Global Prospects for Legal, Taylor & Francis
  • Pickard, S. (2016) Age Studies: A Sociological Examination of How We Age and are Aged Through the Life Course, SAGE Publications
  • Tombs, S.and Whyte, D. (2015) The Corporate Criminal: Why Corporations Must be Abolished, Routledge
  • Whyte, D. (2015) How Corrupt Is Britain?, Pluto Press
  • Mythen, G. (2014) Understanding the Risk Society: Crime, Security and Justice, Palgrave Macmillan
  • Paton, K. (2014), Gentrification: A Working-Class Perspective, Taylor & Francis

A Selection of Recent Journal Articles

  • Doebler, S. (2017) Using multilevel path modeling to examine the statistical effect of transport deprivation on the self-reported health and mental health of older people who live alone and in rural areas. SAGE Research Methods Cases.
  • Rowe, M., Turner, E. and Pearson, G. (2016) "Learning and practicing police craft", Journal of Organizational Ethnography.
  • Paton, K., et al. (2016) "Place revisited: Class, stigma and urban restructuring in the case of Glasgow’s commonwealth games." The Sociological Review.
  • Paton, K. and Cooper, V (2016) "It’s the state, stupid: 21st gentrification and state-led evictions." Sociological Research Online.
  • Campbell, P., et al. (2017) "The social life of measurement: how methods have shaped the idea of culture in urban regeneration." Journal of Cultural Economy.
  • Patrick, R. (2016) Living with and responding to the ‘scrounger’ narrative in the UK: exploring everyday strategies of acceptance, resistance and deflection. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice,
  • Walklate, S. and Mythen, G. (2016) Fractured Lives, Splintered Knowledge: Making Criminological Sense of the January, 2015 Terrorist Attacks in Paris. Critical Criminology.
  • Vitellone, N. (2015) Syringe Sociology, British Journal of Sociology.
  • Frost, D. (2015) Reflections on Racism, Class and the Racialized Outsider, Ethnic and Racial Studies.
  • Greiffenhagen, C., Mair, M. and Sharrock, W. (2015) "Methodological troubles as problems and phenomena: ethnomethodology and the question of ‘method’ in the social sciences." The British Journal of Sociology.