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Publics & Practices

Publics & Practices is a group of researchers interested in examining the social, economic, cultural, political and affective production of publics. We address ourselves to the ways in which publics become a matter of political concern for social scientists, states, corporations, and others.

Collectively and individually, cluster members make significant contributions to the School’s research environment. For example, Gabe Mythen is the Director of the cross-institutional North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (NWSSDTP), supported by over 25 million pounds of ESRC funding. Michael Mair is the founder and Director of engage@liverpool, an interdisciplinary social science research and training platform which provides support to thousands of researchers in the region and beyond.

Publics & Practices is a collectively-led and managed research group. Each academic year two co-chairs act as central points of contact.

The current co-chairs are Dr Paul Jones and Dr Ciara Kierans.

Aims and Interests

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