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Tahaney Alghrani

Postgraduate Research Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


Tahaney graduated from Liverpool University in 2001 with a BA (Hons) in History/Sociology and an MA in Women’s History in 2003. She obtained a Post Graduate Certificate to Teach in History/Citizenship in 2004 from Liverpool Hope University and taught at both secondary and primary level. Tahaney began her research in September 2017, funded by the University of Liverpool.


My research centres on juvenile institutions in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. My primary focus is on the ideology, reform and discipline of juvenile females incarcerated within reformatories. My interdisciplinary approach is to investigate historical sources utilising sociological theories to locate the position of young women in port/urban locations and their pathway into incarceration. I am also interested in the aftercare/probationary practices of the Victorian era and current-day policies. The findings of this research will contribute to and enhance the ongoing debate around issues of female juvenile incarceration and probationary policies. I have an interest in feminist research methods and Foucauldian theory.

Thesis title

'Girl incarcerated: The ideology, discipline, and reform of female delinquents in juvenile institutions in nineteenth century England'.