Katie Shaw PGR Student Profile picture

Katie Shaw-Ekwedi 

Postgraduate Research Student 

Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology



Katie obtained her Postgraduate Methods of Social Research at the University of Kent, for which her research covered a mixture of medical sociology, psychology and feminism informed work investigating women’s experiences of Alcohol Use Disorder. She became a PhD candidate in receipt of the John Lennon Scholarship fund and University Teacher at the School of Law and Social Justice in February 2021.


Katie’s research interests lie predominantly in the aetiology of addiction experienced by women and in particular women of colour. In this intersection, her thesis explores the pathways black women with Alcohol Use Disorder have explored during the coronavirus pandemic specifically relating to the mass migration of online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Thesis title

'Sobriety and Segregation: An Exploration of Black Women's Experiences of Alcohol Use Disorder and Alcoholics Anonymous Affiliation during COVID-19'.

Dates of study

PhD Start Date: February 2021
PhD Completion Date: February 2025


Professor Susan Pickard - Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology
Professor Fiona Measham - Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology Law School

Research summary

This research includes the discussion of Alcohol Use Disorder experienced by black women during the Coronavirus pandemic and the critical intersectional feminist narrative regarding their affiliation and experiences of Alcoholics Anonymous.