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Emily Silburn

Postgraduate Research Student 

Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology


Emily completed both her BA in Sociology and her MA in Social Research Methods at the University of Liverpool (2013-2017), and has returned to begin her PhD studentship. Her research interests are within the areas of health and well-being.


Emily's research focuses on the everyday social practices of health care - particularly care relating to fever during the first two years of life - aiming to understand how parents and wider social networks are involved in the routine care of infants, and to inform the following interrelated research questions:

How does the process of becoming a carer for a child’s health affect the mental and physical health of parents?

How do parents learn to care for the health of their children and what sources of advice and support do parents need/access in terms of routine health care and for specific cases of fever and why?

What factors influence parental decision-making in seeking advice and support in caring for their child with fever?

Thesis title

'Improving Knowledge and Support for Parents of Infants for Routine and Emergency Health Care'.