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Steering Committee

  • Professor Susan Pickard (Director) - Medical conceptualisations of the ageing body, especially frailty, gender, and its intersection with age, age theory, gender (and feminist) theory, and time and temporality. 
  • Dr Chao Fang (Deputy Director) - Loss, resilience, and the existential aspects of human experience in various socio-cultural contexts.
  • Dr Victoria Cluley (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Nottingham and Honorary Researcher at University of Liverpool) - Sociology of health and illness with a particular focus on health and illness experiences, ageing, chronic illness, and disability. 
  • Dr Elham Amini (Lecturer) - Medical Sociology, Gender Studies, Ageing, Qualitative Research Methods, Sexualities, Women’s Health and Gender Studies
  • Professor Yu Song (Director of the Xipu Institution (Think Tank), Xi'an Jiaotong - Liverpool University) - Industrial development, local governance, citizenship, gender and social development, land policies and urbanization, migration and ageing issue in China. 


Internal Members

  • Professor Ian Burn (Management School, University of Liverpool) - Economics of discrimination; discrimination against women, older workers, and the LGBT community; labour market and workplace discrimination.


External Members

  • Professor Jay Banerjee (University of Leicester) – Caring for older people, medicine.
  • Dr Michael Brennan (Liverpool Hope University) - Social aspects of death, dying, and bereavement, especially: mediated first-person narratives ('pathographies') of illness and dying; social death; ageing and end-of-life care.
  • Dr Paula Briggs (Liverpool Women's Hospital) – Menopause, hormones, hormonal contraception, gynaecology.
  • Dr Nolwenn Buhler (University of Lausanne) – Reconfigurations of public health research, health inequalities, and environment-health relations.
  • Professor Matteo Cesari (University of Milan) - Geriatric medicine, frailty.
  • Professor Simon Conroy (University College London) – Aged health care, geriatrics, and gerontology.
  • Dr Jason Danely (Oxford Brookes University) – Cultural dimensions of ageing, caring, family relations, and mortuary and memorial ritual practices in Japan.
  • Professor Paul Higgs (University College London) – Clinical sciences, sociology, anthropology, applied and developmental psychology, health services and systems, public health.
  • Professor Carol Holland (University of Lancaster) – Psychology, ageing.
  • Professor Andy King (University of Surrey) – Social gerontology and the sociology of ageing, gender and sexualities across the life course and methodology, particularly mixed methods, participatory methods, and qualitative methods.
  • Dr Ulla Kriebernegg (Graz University) – Care home stories, space and place, vulnerability, narrative, dementia, literary gerontology, interdisciplinary age studies.
  • Professor John Moraros (Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University) – Community/public heath, health disparities, inequities and inequalities, social determinants of health, and minority and marginalised populations health.
  • Professor Tiago Moreira (Durham University) – Ageing, technology, and society; piority setting in health care; knowledge and the organisation of health care; social studies of medicine.
  • Professor Desmond O’Neill (Trinity College, Dublin) – Gerontology and the neurosciences.
  • Dr Shibley Rahman (University College London) – Midwifery, clinical and health psychology.
  • Professor Kenneth Rockwood (Dalhousie University, Canada) – Clinical and epidemiological aspects of frailty, dementia, and delirium; complexity of frailty; clinico-mathematical correlation.
  • Dr Ritu Sadana (WHO) – Health and ageing policy.
  • Dr Euan Sadler (University of Southampton) – Social science approaches and frailty, integrated care for older people living with frailty, dementia, multimorbidity, strokes.
  • Dr Lynn Tang (Royal Holloway and Honorary Researcher at University of Liverpool) – mental health, inequalities, lived experience and service users’ perspectives, health and minority ethnic communities.
  • Dr Louise Tomkow (University of Manchester) – Medicine.
  • Professor Julia Twigg (University of Kent at Canterbury) – Social policy, cultural gerontology, age studies.
  • Professor Justin Waring (University of Birmingham) - Sociology and health policy, health services management.
  • Dr Jane Wilkinson (Liverpool Women's Hospital) – Menopause, sexual health.


Postgraduate Researchers

  • Chenfei Qian (Postgraduate Researcher) - Elderly care and gerontechnology.



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