A number of different coloured books all stacked on top of each other.

Books and Monographs

A library of recent books and monographs published by academics in our Department.

Cover of Alice Ievin's book with an image of a sink in a dirty kitchen and text that reads 'The Stains of Imprisonment'

The Stains of Imprisonment: Moral Communication and Men Convicted of Sex Offenses - Dr Alice Ievins (2023) 


An orange and red patterned book cover with a mustard yellow square with white text.

Violence Against Women During Coronavirus: When Staying Home Isn't Safe - Professor Sandra Walklate (2023)


Cover for Charlotte Branchu's book with an image of a female rugby player and pink text overlay that reads 'Tackling Stereotype'.

Tackling Stereotype: Corporeal Reflexivity and Politics of Play in Women's Rugby - Dr Charlotte Branchu (2023)


 Cover for Michael Mair's book with a colourful geometric print in the background and black text overlay that reads 'The Problem of the State'

The Problem of the State - Dr Michael Mair (2023)


A book cover with purple and dark blue pattern across it, with white text.

The Fault Lines of Inequality: COVID-19 and the Politics of Financialization - Dr Daniela Tepe (2022)


A pink triangle patterned background on a book cover with dark purple text overlay.

Diasporas, Weddings, and the Trajectories of Ethnicity - Dr Terence Heng (2022) 


Cover for Kirsty Morrin's book with a picture of a young boy's back wearing a blue rucksack and black text that reads 'Inside the English Education Lab'.

Inside the English Education Lab: Critical Qualitative and Ethnographic Perspectives on the Academies Experiment - Dr Christy Kulz, Dr Kirsty MorrinDr Ruth McGinity (2022)


A watercolour background with multiple colours with black text 'Victims Access to Justice'.

Victims' Access to Justice: Historical and Comparative Perspectives - Professor Sandra Walklate and Pamela Cox (2022) 


A book cover with 2 prisons looking sad with yellow text overlay that reads 'Penal Servitude'

Penal Servitude: Convicts and Long-Term Imprisonment, 1853 - 1948 (States, People, and the History of Social Change) - Professor Barry Godfrey (2022) 


A book cover all black background with white text that reads 'Coercive Control'.

Coercive Control - Professor Sandra Walklate and Charlotte Barlow (2022)


Cover for David Baker's book with a light yellow background and a white flower, with text that reads 'Police-Related Deaths in the United States'.

Police-Related Deaths in the United States - Dr David Baker (2021)


A book cover with an image of a wall and text that reads 'A Criminology of War'.

A Criminology of War? - Dr Ross McGarry and Professor Sandra Walklate (2021) 


A black background for the book cover with white text which reads 'Towards a Global Femicide Index'.

Towards a Global Femicide Index: Counting the Costs - Professor Sandra Walklate, Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Jude McCulloch, JaneMaree Maher (2021) 


Youth Justice and Penalty in Comparative Context book cover

Youth Justice and Penality in Comparative Context - Prof. Barry Goldson, Prof. Chris Cunneen, Sophie Russell, David Brown, Eileen Baldry, Melanie Schwartz, Damon Briggs (2021)


Cover for Susan Pickard's book with a pink, blue, and green swirled background, and black text which reads 'Age, gender, sexuality through the life course'.

Age, Gender, and Sexuality through the Life Course: The Girl in Time - Professor Susan Pickard (2020)


A grey staircase image with someone praying with a long cloak on on the book cover with white text overlay.

Of Gods, Gifts, and Ghosts: Spiritual Places in Urban Spaces - Dr Terence Heng (2020) 


A blue marble background book cover with blue text overlay

The Emerald Handbook of Feminism, Criminology, and Social Change - Professor Sandra Walklate, Kate Fitz-Gibbon, Jude McCulloch, JaneMaree Maher (2020)


Ageing, the Body, and the Gender Regime book cover

Ageing, the Body, and the Gender Regime - Health, Illness, and Disease Across the Life Course - Susan Pickard and Jude Robinson (2020)


A book cover with photographs of street lights with white text overlay which reads 'Young Adult Drinking Styles'.

Young Adult Drinking Styles: Current Perspectives on Research, Policy, and Practice - Professor Fiona Measham and Dominic Conroy (2019) 

Winner of British Medical Association Award for Best Psychiatry Book of the Year 2021


Cover for Matthew Kearney's book with an image of a hall filled with people and text overlay that reads 'The Social Order of Collective Action - The Wisconsin Uprising of 2011'.

The Social Order of Collective Action: The Wisconsin Uprising of 2011 - Dr Matthew Kearney (2019)


Cover for Phillip Brooker's book with a green border and text that reads 'Programming with Python for Social Scientists'.

Programming with Python for Social Scientists - Dr Phillip Brooker (2019)


A light green book cover with an outline of Europe and text that reads 'Juvenile Justice in Europe'.

Juvenile Justice in Europe: Past, Present, and Future - Professor Barry Goldson (2019) 


A light blue and green patterned background with black text overlay that reads 'Emotions and Crime'. Book cover.

Emotions and Crime: Towards a Criminology of Emotions - Professor Sandra Walklate and Michael Hviid Jacobsen (2019) 








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