Interchange: Sharing knowledge and experience

Introducing Interchange

We are partners in a local charity, Interchange. This organises high quality student placements with the region's third sector, to the benefit of all.

For our students...

It provides opportunities to add quality work experience to your CV, conducting 'live' projects such as field research, feasibility studies or project coordination for hosts in the Health & Social Care, Housing, Family and other sectors.

In your final year you can opt to undertake 6 months of work placements and supervised study in the field, with the project you complete forming part of your final assessment.

Interchange also offers short-term placements, for example in vacation periods.

For organisations...

Interchange gives you access to a talented pool of individuals with strong technical abilities, an innovative approach and real appetite to get involved.

This is an excellent route to take if you need an individual for a specific project, wish to fill a gap in your current skill base or get a fresh perspective on the challenges you face.

We provide close support to our students during their placements so you will also benefit from the wider resources of the Department. Visit Interchange to find out more.