Environment and Climate Thought Leadership

The latest thought and knowledge leadership from our environment and climate experts within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Rethinking flood risk management to reduce global inequality

Writing in Environment Journal, Professor Corina Constantinescu explains how embracing a new approach to flood risk management can address the impacts of climate change and reduce global inequality.

Why clouds are the missing piece in the climate change puzzle

Writing in The Conversation, Professor Ric Williams explains why our planet will continue to warm as we carry on emitting carbon into the atmosphere; but by how much remains written in the clouds.

To reach net zero we need sustained action beyond behavioural change

Writing for the LSE's Covid-19 Blog, Professor Ric Williams says that while the pandemic has taught us that drastic cuts in emissions are possible, we need sustained action to have any chance of reaching ‘net zero’ by 2050.

Are the Earth’s magnetic poles about to swap places?

Writing for The Conversation, Professor Andy Biggin and Yael Engbers explore whether the Earth’s magnetic poles about to swap places and uncover a strange anomaly that provides us with a reassuring clue.

The St Vincent eruption is a reminder of how volcano research saves lives

Writing for The Conversation, Dr Silvio De Angelis and Dr Janine Kavanagh discuss the 2021 St Vincent eruption and explain how volcano research can help save lives by improving our ability to predict future eruptions.

How we recruited albatrosses to patrol the high seas for illegal fishers

Writing for The Conversation, Dr Samantha Patrick explains how albatrosses can be used to locate nondeclared and illegal fisheries that dramatically impact oceanic ecosystems.

When tree planting actually damages ecosystems

Writing for The Conversation, Professor Kate Parr explains why calls for global tree planting programmes to cool the climate need to think carefully about the real implications for all of Earth’s ecosystems.