Research impact

The Faculty of Science and Engineering conducts interdisciplinary research across all of its departments and schools, collaborating with a diverse range of partners. This research has generated significant impact, providing innovative solutions to tackle some of the world's most challenging problems. The departmental case studies below provide more detail on our research impact.

Research impact Chemists working on whiteboard

Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is internationally known for its research across materials chemistry, chemistry of world health, chemical models, energy and interfaces and organic synthesis and catalysis.

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Department of Earth, Ocean and Ecological Sciences

The Department of Earth Ocean and Ecological Sciences conducts research that has had significant impact on a wide range of organisations.

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School of Engineering

The School of Engineering is accelerating the impact of its research through partnerships with key stakeholders and engagement with end-users.

Research Impact Birds Eye view of a UK suburb

Department of Geography and Planning

The Department of Geography and Planning ensures research has substantial impact through meaningful collaboration with a diverse set of partners.

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Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has a strong track record working with a wide number of external companies, organisations, charities and government departments.

REF 2021 impact

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics works closely with partners to share their skills and expertise with industry and organisations in the UK and internationally.