Materials Science and Engineering

Materials based on new micro- and nanotechnologies take their place alongside advanced macrotechnologies and the innovative manufacturing processes and equipment required to produce these important ‘next generation’ materials.

The Faculty has research expertise in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, which can be applied to develop new materials, with bespoke and often smart properties for construction, for medicine, for consumer products and for smart technologies.

We are also well equipped with the facilities required to support a number of innovative manufacturing processes, technologies and techniques.

Materials Innovation Factory


Key Centres and Facilities

The Materials Innovation Factory, opened in 2017, is a revolutionary facility founded by the University in collaboration with Unilever to empower companies and academic teams to design and create new functional materials at the molecular level. It is paving the way for the development of innovative, high-value products to support key industrial sectors, including energy, healthcare, telecommunications and transport.

The Micro Bio-Refinery, established in collaboration with Unilever and AB Sugar, identifies and designs the next generation of sustainable chemicals derived from the surplus sugars, fats, oils made by agricultural/forestry products/waste.

The Centre of Excellence in Long-acting Therapeutics (CELT) is a cross-faculty research initiative combining our world leading expertise in pharmacology and materials chemistry, and working with international partners to disseminate research findings in long-acting medicine and change the global landscape of drug administration.