Healthcare Technologies

In an era when people are living longer, but not necessarily healthier lives, the great challenges facing modern healthcare require large-scale solutions.

Researchers at the University of Liverpool and partners work on such solutions and innovatively coordinate academic knowledge, clinical expertise and industry collaboration for maximum research impact and genuine patient benefit.

The new Healthcare Technologies partnership brings together faculties in the physical and biomedical sciences at the University of Liverpool in a unique interdisciplinary cross-faculty network of researchers. The combined expertise aligns cutting-edge facilities and clinical know-how with a clear strategy to realise the gains from technological advances, directed to bring significant improvements to patient outcomes.

The partnership is identifying and building the infrastructure and facilities, and forming the centres needed to address the challenges across the entire healthcare sector, from more accurate medical diagnostics to regenerative medicine. It can answer calls from the UK Government’s Industrial Challenges Strategy Fund (ICSF) and falls within the remit of more than one of the UK’s research councils with strong relevance to the EPSRC’s Healthcare Technologies theme.

This investment, support, and vision allied to the well-established community of research expertise and clinical excellence at Liverpool will strengthen local and global collaborations for significant innovation, impact, and societal benefit.

Find out more about our work on Healthcare Technologies below or contact our researchers.

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