We are using a growing range of complexity of text mining methodologies to unlock the clinical meaning in over 10million clinical free-texts.

These include supervised methodologies as well as Natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

Current projects include:

Using AI to better understand antibiotic use.

Identifying obese pets.

Using AI to identify tumours.



Evaluating ChatGPT text-mining of clinical records for obesity monitoring. ArXiV (pre-print version)

Using topic modelling for unsupervised annotation of electronic health records to identify an outbreak of disease in UK dogs. PLos One.

NEW: PetBERT: automated ICD-11 syndromic disease coding for outbreak detection in first opinion veterinary electronic health records. Published in Scientific Reports. Pet_BERT - a large language model for outbreak detection.


If you are interested in understanding the role of AI in the veterinary domain, please do email us at savsnet@liverpool.ac.uk.