Close up image of a subcutaneous injection in a dog

Vaccine hesitancy project

Investigating vaccine hesitancy and developing new strategies to improve vaccine uptake in companion animals.

This project uses mixed methods to quantify and characterise vaccine uptake and vaccine hesitancy in UK companion animals. In the UK pet vaccination rates have been falling in recent years, increasing the risk of a re-emergence of vaccine preventable diseases in the pet population. Quantifying vaccination uptake using SAVSNET data and following this with in-depth interviews with owners and vets will help to build an understanding for the reasons behind the sub-optimal vaccine uptake. This project aims to use the information gathered to develop the best methods to promote vaccine acceptance and uptake, which will help to ensure the health of the pet population.


Greyscale image of a white female with long dark hair by the coast with her Dutch cross dog

SAVSNET data will allow me to understand how vaccination rates vary over time and space, and to examine associations between sociodemographic factors and vaccine uptake. My research aims to provide a deep understanding of vaccine uptake and help develop methods to improve acceptance of vaccination in cats and dogs.

Shona Bloodworth, PhD postgraduate researcher

We are grateful to PetSavers for funding this research

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