Old Cocker Spaniel with a very grey face

Old Age Pets Project

Dogs are living longer and it is important to understand their needs as they get older so that they are comfortable in their senior years.

The project aims to investigate the most common reasons for old age dogs presenting to primary care and the preventative healthcare and treatment options provided for these issues. My work is therefore important for improving the health and welfare of ageing dogs as it will contribute towards the development of a Canine Ageing and Wellbeing Tool to be used within Veterinary Practice to guide consultations, as well as facilitating an increase in owner awareness of age-related issues in their dogs therefore improving the human-animal relationship.

Greyscale imagd of white female with long brown hair, pictured with her red Pomeranian dog

Using the 8 million records within SAVSNET data enables me to study the common reasons for old age pets presenting to primary care and the healthcare and treatment options provided, helping to improve the health and welfare of ageing dogs.

Jodie Jackson, MPhil postgraduate researcher

We are grateful to PetSavers for funding this research

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