Photo of Lara Dempsey

Lara Dempsey

  • Resident in Small Animal Surgery

Since graduating from the Royal Veterinary College in July 2000, Lara’s interest has polarized towards small animal surgery and since 2003 her career has focused on this area.  She has been employed full time for the last ten years in referral and first opinion hospitals. Lara has completed a 13-month internship here at the University of Liverpool in 2014. 

Her dedication and enjoyment in providing veterinary services has encouraged her to continue with her studies and to achieve further accreditation – General Practitioner Certificates in Small Animal Surgery and Small Animal Medicine in 2005 and 2007 respectively.  She has successfully completed the RCVS Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice in General Surgery in 2014. 

Lara has started a small animal surgery residency training programme at the University of Liverpool in January 2015 and is currently studying towards the European Diploma in Small Animal Surgery.