Leonie Robinson

Lecturer in Marine Ecology


I have a background in community ecology of marine ecosystems with particular reference to understanding the drivers, both natural and anthropogenic, of variability in temporal and spatial dynamics. I am also interested in the application of ecological theory in underpinning management of marine resources. My interests in risk and uncertainty relate to the methodologies and applications I have been working on more recently that use risk-based approaches in understanding the likely outcomes for policy and management related to environmental objectives. I am also interested in assessing the vulnerability of different components of ecosystems to human activities where vulnerability is assessed based on likelihood and consequence of an impact occurring due to a driver being assessed (thus in terms of risk). Uncertainty in the information used to inform predictions about natural systems and the environmental policies that relate to them is also a major issue that we are working on within my group.

List of current projects involving risk and uncertainty 

  • Options for Delivering Ecosystem Based Marine Management (ODEMM) (in particular WP5 Risks faced in implementation of policy related to environmental objectives), funded by the European Commission under FP7 (www.liv.ac.uk/odemm)

  • A methodology for assessing the sensitivity of marine habitats to the combined effects of fishing, funded by the Countryside Council for Wales

List of publications

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