Eunyoung Moon

Lecturer in Economics


Eunyoung Moon is a Lecturer in Economics in the University of Liverpool. She did her undergraduate (2000) and Master (2003) in Applied Statistics from Yonsei University in Korea. She is a former member of the Korean Association of Risk Professionals and has a non-academic career in risk management before changing into academic career. She graduated University of Essex with MSc (2008) and PhD (2012) in Economics.

Her research is mainly in economic theory, specialised in networks with game theoretic approach and mechanism design.  She is interested in externalities, currently working on informal insurance networks project and mechanism design issues related to externalities.  She is also interested in interdisciplinary research in networks and uncertainty.


  • PhD in Economics, 2012, University of Essex, UK
  • MSc in Economics with distinction, 2008, University of Essex, UK
  • MA in Statistics, 2003, Yonsei University, Korea
  • BA in Statistics, 2000, Yonsei University, Korea

Teaching Areas

  • Microeconomics
  • Game Theory

Research Interests

  • Economics of Networks
  • Mechanism Design


  1. Optimized reduction of uncertainty in bursty human dynamics, Physical Review E (2012), joint with Jo and Kaski