An expert research team

New, joined up approaches to risk and uncertainty

The new Institute brings together risk & uncertainty experts from many fields to contribute to an innovative theoretical and applied research programme.

We aim to catalyse thinking across disciplines and sectors; and to create truly novel ideas and solutions that impact radically on the way the world approaches risk and uncertainty.

Our research activities

  • Further expanding the core quantitative techniques we use to assess and manage risk.
  • Identifying risk and uncertainty issues and how they might impact on the fields in which we work.
  • Partnering scientific and technical departments throughout the University  to advance knowledge and deliver real-world applications.
  • Working with industry, business and Government to devise solutions, policy, codes, procedures and services.
  • Supporting and developing our educational curriculum.

An inspiring environment

With our substantial body of existing work and partners, we're already well-funded and known. What's more, we expect our programme to grow rapidly with the new focus the Institute provides.

Find out more about opportunities for postgraduate research or to join our academic team.