Software and Tools

General purpose software tool for Uncertainty Quantification and Risk Analysis

The institute leads the development of COSSAN-X, a general purpose software tool for Uncertainty Quantification and Risk Analysis.

The software provides robust and reliable product life-cycle solutions, efficient and realistic analysis and optimization solutions. Ultimately, the developed analysis tools can be effectively deployed in

  • quality assurance of systems and components by taking into account explicitly the effect of uncertainties
  • reduction of development time/costs using computer experiments and efficient simulation strategies
  • realistic modelling and the avoidance of risk‌

Furthermore, it comes with an easy to use but powerful interface and it can interact with any 3rd party software. COSSAN-X software tool is one of the specialist toolkits available via the VEC Engineering Cloud.

For more information about the software visit the dedicate website:

Engineering Cloud

The VEC Engineering Cloud provides a user friendly, robust platform to enable improved access to High Performance Computing (HPC) and drive scalable simulation on a ‘pay as you go’ usage-based cost. The Engineering Cloud enables providers to install, maintain and rent software applications in the cloud and users can access the software based upon their demands. Additional benefits include:

  • Cost efficient hardware utilisation
  • Reliable Data Management

For more information visit the Virtual Engineering Centre website or call 01925 864853.