Robust product life-cycle solutions

The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC), in partnership with the Institute of Risk and Uncertainty, has a unique approach to developing and integrating Virtual Engineering (VE) technology innovations across the product life-cycle to deliver powerful solutions to business and research organisations.

Leading engineering development through harnessing VE technologies and expertise, the VEC’s multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers work closely with organisations to enhance capabilities and maximise the benefits of the latest advanced modelling, simulation and immersive technologies; creating solutions that reduce project cost and risk, optimise performance and aid decision making.

As an industry-academia partnership, solutions are underpinned by the latest research from the University of Liverpool , including the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Daresbury. This knowledge, combined with innovations from our SME clusters and domainexpertise from leading industry partners, enables the VEC to provide tailored integrated solutions to address engineering challenges.

The VEC supports companies across all Advanced Engineering and High Value Manufacturing related sectors to improve performance. Providing a versatile approach and flexible virtual laboratories the VEC enables organisations to evaluate emerging technologies and de-risk their integration.

The VEC provides a seamless link from fundamental research, through technology evaluation and development, implementation, training and ongoing customer support to ensure continued success.