Understanding Risk and Uncertainty

The University’s Institute for Risk and Uncertainty is dedicated to helping people and organisations create a safer world.

We offer cutting-edge expertise and methodologies with which to quantify, mitigate and manage risk and uncertainty in many fields.

Our multidisciplinary research team includes experts from architecture, engineering, environmental sciences, financial and actuarial mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering & electronics, economics and finance, social sciences and psychology.

We are the only centre in the UK – maybe even Europe – that connects research strengths, technologies and experts from such a broad mix of disciplines: from science and engineering, to health and life sciences and humanities and social sciences.

This gives us a unique large pool of methodologies, tools and experience to explore the issues of risk and resilience associated with building design, climate analysis, reliability engineering, software reliability and materials science.

Our work also touches on financial modelling, methods to reduce any socio-political harm and critical incident management.

Together we'll be creating a powerhouse of new ideas, approaches and methods with which to understand and manage an uncertain world.

Working together

The Institute has vital, global connections with industry as well as a large academic network with other universities and research centres, enabling us to tap into a pool of expertise nobody else can. Find out more about our work with industry.