The Concordat

The 2008 Concordat is an agreement between funders and employers of researchers in the UK. It sets out expectations and responsibilities of each stakeholder in research careers, researchers themselves, their managers (PIs), employers and funders.

The concordat articulates key principles for the support and management of research careers and illustrates how each principle may be embedded into institutional practice. For more information visit

The Principles of the Concordat are:

  • Principle 1: Recruitment and Selection
  • Principle 2: Recognition and Value
  • Principle 3 & 4: Support and Career Development
  • Principle 5: Researchers’ Responsibilities
  • Principle 6: Diversity and Equality
  • Principle 7: Implementation and Review
The Concordat logo

Further information can be obtained by downloading the Concordat to support the career development of researchers.

Other relevant downloads:
Charter for researchers and code of conduct for the recruitment of researchers (2005)
Concordat briefing for research staff
Concordat briefing for managers of researchers
Concordat briefing for senior managers

At the University of Liverpool, the implementation of the Concordat is overseen by the Concordat Implementation Group (CIG). The core members of the Group meet monthly to review progress and monitor the implementation of the principles of the concordat across the university's faculties. A wider group meets every quarter. Members of the wider CIG group include faculty representatives, researchers and relevant professional services staff.  You can download the University’s implementation plan.