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Personalised health

Our world leading personalised health research paves the way for uniquely treating individuals based on their genetics and other health data.

Our vision is a world where every patient receives the right drugs at optimal doses, maximising tolerability, and pre-empting and managing adverse drug reactions. This personalised approach maximises the efficacy of treatment while improving patient quality of life.

World leading research at the University of Liverpool has significant implications across the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical production and delivery. Most importantly it benefits the wellbeing of patients and society as a whole.

In 2018, our Department of Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology received a Queen’s Anniversary Prize in recognition of its work to improve the safety and effectiveness of medicines.

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Research activities

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Improving children’s outcomes in paediatric medicine

Researchers are working on finding the best choice and optimal dose of medicines for children.

Ageing and Chronic Disease case study

Knowledge leaders in Pharmacology

At the University of Liverpool, we have one of the UK’s largest pharmacology departments, bringing together more than 40 leading academics and 110 postgraduate students.

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At the forefront of HIV healthcare

Researchers at Liverpool have developed an award-winning and widely-used Interaction Checker website and app, helping healthcare professionals to safely prescribe drugs patients.

The Liverpool Advantage - expertise and collaboration


Developing acute pancreatitis drug

A partnership involving the University and Cypralis has been granted a new Early Stage Award worth £300K to develop new compounds to treat acute pancreatitis.


Centre for Drug Safety Science

Maximising benefits and reducing risks of new and existing medicine through this unique in the UK centre.

Centre for Genomics Research

Centre for Genomic Research

The Centre for Genomic Research  facilitates cost-effective access to multiplatform sequencing and array technologies for researchers worldwide.

Meet some of our leading academics in personalised health research:

Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed

Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed

Professor, Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology

Professor Robert Sutton

Professor Robert Sutton

Professor of Surgery, Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine

Professor Sarah Coupland

Professor Sarah Coupland

George Holt Chair in Pathology, Honorary Consultant Histopathologist

Professor Andrew Morris

Professor Andrew Morris

Chair in Statistical Genetics

Prof Paula Williamson

Professor Paula Williamson

Professor of Medical Statistics

Prof Michael Beresford

Professor Michael Beresford

Brough Chair, Professor of Child Health

Francesco Falciani

Professor Francesco Falciani

Professor, Functional and Comparative Genomics

Dr Vincent Yip

Dr Vincent Yip

Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology

Dr Lauren Walker

Dr Lauren Walker

Molecular and Clinical Pharmacology