Interdisciplinary Research

Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF)

The Government's ISCF for research and innovation has committed to spending almost £2 billion on various challenge areas between now and July 2021. 

The University has the research expertise and outstanding facilities to help engender this scientific, economic and social development and increase productivity in the UK and the wider world. We have a strong track record of collaborating with industrial partners to transform ideas into creative solutions, and with assets such as Sensor CityMaterials Innovation FactoryVirtual Engineering Centre and CEIDR, we are well-placed to help realise the Strategy’s aim of transforming our future.

The University has established an internal ISCF Pump Priming Fund, designed to help academics whose work aligns with Industrial Strategy themes to develop partnerships and consortiums with industrial collaborators so that they are ready when an opportunity for funding from the ISCF arises.

Robots in hazardous environments Autonomous Robotics

Autonomous robots in hazardous environments

The University is addressing the need for intelligent autonomous robots to enter hazardous spaces.

solar cells

Solar cells and batteries

Pushing the boundaries of new materials to recreate the natural magic of photosynthesis at the industrial scales needed to dramatically reduce demand for fossil fuels.

Faraday battery challenge

Developing the next generation of batteries

Our researchers are harnessing their battery expertise and knowledge to help answer the Industrial Strategy’s Faraday Battery Challenge.

Dairy cows

New technology to help combat liver fluke infection in livestock

Researchers at the University are working on a unique digital application to help combat this and improve food production.