Why work with us

Collaborate, innovate, and grow.

The broad and interdisciplinary research we undertake at the University of Liverpool means we have skills, expertise and equipment in a wide variety of different fields – leading-edge resources (and some of the world’s brightest minds) which might not be available in your own organisation.

Through our Business Gateway you can access these resources and gain new perspectives on your business challenges.

We can help you achieve your objectives. We can transform ideas into creative solutions, new technologies, strategies, products or skills, and build beneficial relationships and networks.

We are easy to work with, clear and transparent, and just one click or phone call away from helping you with your business.

  • Consultancy: through our leading experts you can access a powerhouse of knowledge, advice, ideas and obtain the technical advice and opinion you require to help your organisation develop. Speak to us in confidence about technical ideas, issues, products or problems.
  • Training and continuing professional development (CPD) for you and your staff, through courses, coaching and events.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: KTPs enable you to work in a mutually beneficial, grant-funded partnership with our academics or researchers to achieve your strategic goals. A high calibre graduate will work in your company supervised by an academic.
  • Research collaborations and partnerships: establish a collaborative partnership to bring new ideas and capabilities to your team to work together on new research, technologies and challenges. Short or long term innovative R&D projects can transform your business.
  • Graduate or student projects and placements: benefit from the training and ideas of our undergraduates, postgraduates and graduates.
  • Use of our facilities and equipment: much of our world-class facilities and specialist equipment is available for use by external bodies, both industry and universities. All of our facilities and experimental infrastructure are maintained and managed by experts, both academic and specialised technical staff. They are available to solve your business problems, ranging from routine testing/analysis to your pressing research questions.
  • Advice on business grants and funding: identify the funding opportunities available for working with the University.