Courses and Talks

Continuing Education have developed a suite of courses and talks to complement the Garstang’s Book of the Dead exhibition and the Tate’s Egyptian Surrealism exhibition, taught not only by our Egyptologists, but also Modernist scholars. For full details see Continuing Education’s full programme.

Study Day: Egyptian Surrealism at Tate Liverpool

27 January 2018
Clore Learning Studio, Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool's ‘Surrealism in Egypt’ exhibition reveals a little-known but fascinating aspect of the international Surrealism movement. Struggling with European influence during its early years of independence, Egypt had its own ancient tradition of art, stylised and symbolic, which influenced abstract modern art. This study day will examine the clashes and confluences of these ancient and modern factors.

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Study Day: Drawing Surrealism - A Day at Tate with Art and Liberty

17 February 2018
Clore Learning Studio, Tate Liverpool

The international art movement Surrealism took many forms. At Tate Liverpool discover, “Surrealism in Egypt: Art et Liberté 1938-48’.

Led by Artist Educator Paul Gatenby, this study day will provide a context for this artistic phenomenon, whilst guiding you through the show and inviting students to create their own art works inspired by the exhibition.

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29 January 2018
Tate Liverpool

University of Liverpool students will be given the opportunity to be trained as Gallery Assistants in workshops and conduct tours of exhibitions at Tate Liverpool, all starting with the Egyptian Surrealism exhibition. For more information .