LPW Technology

Posted on: 6 March 2017 in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

LPW Technology

LPW Technology Ltd supply a complete range of metal powders & powder management/testing solutions to users of Additive Manufacturing (AM).

The range of products and services facilitate the expansion of AM into a critical production technology in High-value industries such as Aerospace, Medical and Automotive.

KTP objective

To introduce and embed new knowledge in advanced powder processing techniques enabling more efficient use of materials for Additive Manufacturing (AM) and the development of purpose-designed new powder materials.

Outcomes with potential economic impact to date

  • Improvement of metallic powder flow and morphology for use within the AM industry (thermal processing techniques)
  • New product lines
  • Development of a new line of bulk products (PowderTrace and PowderFlow)
  • Increased manufacturing in-house (reduced sub-contracting overseas)