Research Policy

The University of Liverpool requires that research and related activities undertaken by its staff and students; on its premises; or in its name, meets the requirements of research governance and research good practice.

The University is committed to maintaining the highest standards of respect, care and integrity in regard to its holdings of human samples*.

*Samples include all tissues, organs and fluids such as blood collected from human donors.

To ensure that standards are maintained, the University of Liverpool has created a number of Policy and Procedure documents which must be followed by all staff engaged in research using Human samples including;

As a component of this commitment, the University requires that all research projects undertaken under the auspices of the University observe a commitment to good research conduct (Link).

The University takes all allegations or discoveries of potential misconduct in research very seriously.

Any allegations or discoveries of potential research misconduct are subject to a timely and thorough investigation, which is fair to all parties, and provides transparency to members of the public who can take confidence that our research practices meet the highest standards.