Our Research

One of the principal aims of our biomedical and veterinary research is to improve the quality of life of people and animals across the world by helping to alleviate disease and suffering.

zebra fish

Wherever possible we use non-animal research methods. These include research using humans; computer models and simulations; cell cultures and other in vitro work; statistical modelling; and large-scale epidemiology.

However in some cases there will be an element of the research which is essential for progress and for which there is no viable alternative to research using animals.

Biomedical research

Research involving animals is fundamental to understanding how we are affected by disease and is often the only way to develop new treatments and medicines, and check they are safe for humans. Animal research also contributes towards our understanding of basic biology, which can have benefits for both animals and humans.

Veterinary research

In addition to using animals in a small proportion of our biomedical research, we are also dedicated to research that aims to increase our understanding of animal behaviour and welfare. This research provides novel solutions, particularly in the areas of conservation and welfare, which can then be applied to a range of farm, companion and laboratory animals.

Find out about how research with animals has helped our scientists make life-enhancing advances in humans and animal health by looking through our case studies.