Thomas Primidis

Name  Thomas Primidis
 PhD Student
 Address    The Oliver Lodge Laboratory
 University of Liverpool
 Cambridge St
 Liverpool, L69 7ZE, UK




Thomas Primidis received his Ptychion (Πτυχίον) in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and he was awarded the Epainon (Έπαινον) for overall academic excellence and four times the annual prize for remarkable academic performance. For his thesis, he simulated the properties of spherical nuclei in the relativistic mean field theory framework and compared the results to tabulated data. After that, Thomas completed the MSc in Medical Physics at the University of Surrey in the UK and for his dissertation he built and tested a prototype multiple-antenna apparatus for active RFI suppression in low-field NMR applications.

Throughout his career, Thomas has been a demonstrator in science undergraduate courses, he has worked on neuroscience projects and he has been the chief chemical analyst in a military laboratory, working under NATO standards. Thomas has also served pivotal roles during the refugee crisis in Greece in 2015, managing housing, food, and medicines allocation for 1000 refugees and facilitating the collaboration between the UNHCR, volunteers from around the world and the Greek Army.

Thomas joined the QUASAR Group in 2017 and he is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council within the Accelerators for Security, Healthcare and Environment project. His research is directly connected with industry, accelerating the design and optimisation of ultra-compact, high resolution X-ray imaging systems made by Adaptix Ltd using Monte Carlo simulations. Thomas has raised several hundred pounds through UKRI grants and has participated in various scientific events, escalating with an invitation to present his work in parliament.



Design and optimisation of ultra-compact, high resolution X-ray imaging systems


Thomas Primidis has now left the QUASAR Group.