Dr Lee Devlin

 Name  Lee Devlin
 Research Associate
 Address    Cockcroft Institute
 Sci -Tech Daresbury
 University of Liverpool
 Warrington WA4 4AD, UK



Lee joined the Quasar group as a PhD student in October 2011, after completing a 4 year master’s degree in physics at the University of Liverpool.

Lee's area of research focuses on the development of linear electron machines for future lepton colliders and future light sources. To operate these accelerators at their full potential it is necessary to understand the beam at all stages of acceleration. Lee has spearheaded accurate electrostatic field modelling and the development of a low energy tracking code for the Transverse Energy Spread Spectrometer (TESS) experiment, which measures the energy spread of electrons emitted from a photocathode. Lee has also been involved in beam loss monitoring studies in collaboration with CERN for the detection of high energy beam loses. This includes the development of a fibre optic based beam loss system for the CLIC accelerator facility and the characterisation of novel photodetectors (silicon photomultipliers) for fibre readout.


Lee has now left the QUASAR Group. 


Beam Loss Monitoring