Andriy Nosych



 Dr.Andriy Nosych
 Research Associate


 BE-BI Section
 CH-1211 Geneva 23



Andriy has a PhD in Computational Mathematics which he defended in 2009 at the Kharkiv National University in Ukraine. The subject of his PhD thesis was development of a fast and accurate numerical technique for solving singular integral equations in application to electromagnetic (EM) modelling of reflector antennas and waveguides in mm-wave range.

After obtaining the PhD Andriy was a CERN Fellow for 3 years, working in the Beam Instrumentation Group on EM simulations of beam instruments used in CERN synchrotrons including the LHC. The projects he worked on include EM simulations and beam-test data analysis of prototype LHC Phase II collimators with embedded beam position monitors (BPM), studies of impedance and heating by beam power loss of the LHC Synchrotron Light telescope tank, linearization of various strip-line and button BPMs for LHC and PS accelerators, and higher order mode study of an Optical Diffraction Radiation detector for CLIC damping ring.

The simulation tools he uses on a daily basis are mainly CST Studio Suite and less frequently HFSS. For large-scale frequency and time domain problems he exploits a highly parallel ACE3P Suite developed by SLAC.
In April 2013 Andriy became a member of the QUASAR Group.


Andriy Nosych has now left the QUASAR Group.