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About us

Home to some of the world’s leading academic experts, research centres and laboratories, the School of Psychology delivers recognised research that changes behaviour and challenges both national and international policy.

Our courses are relevant in the real world; we study problems such as addiction, obesity and policing and our work has a direct impact on Government policy.

Study with us and you will be immersed in that research from day one, opening up a huge range of career possibilities.

A reputation for excellence

We are widely recognised for the strength of our research and this expertise directly feeds into our approach to teaching, enabling you to study subjects that are not taught in other universities, such as appetite, life span development, forensic psychology and addiction.

Our new curriculum uses the cognitive apprenticeship model to move quickly from general psychology to our research strengths and specialisms. From Year One, you will benefit from exposure to the very latest research. You will also learn about the British Psychological Society’s core areas of cognition, developmental, social and biological psychology. By Year Two, you will move to research group specialisms including motivation, clinical, life span development and cognitive neuroscience, then in Year Three you will be free to concentrate on your research project and advanced specialisms such as addiction, appetite, forensic psychology and the psychology of pain.

We offer more than traditional large lectures; our combination of seminar-based teaching, position papers and educational blogs helps you to develop practical skills and connect theory to practice, while our team teaching approach allows you to benefit from up to 12 experts teaching across one module. We also have some excellent facilities, like our specially-created bar laboratory where we study alcohol dependency, or our EEG centre, food laboratory or our child language facility.

A network of possibilities

Our close links with the University's research institutes, including the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society, as well as the global academic and professional communities, means that you can be confident you are getting the latest research-led teaching.

We also have an extensive network of professional contacts and potential employers, including the Ministry of Defence, the FBI, the WHO, the NHS and the Emergency Services. These partners help to facilitate research and to prepare you for the world of work, allowing you to access fantastic career opportunities after you graduate.

Our undergraduate programme is fully accredited by the British Psychological Society and our graduates have gone on to work in the fields of education, health, law enforcement, industry, academia and clinical settings all over the world.

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Scanning facility at the School of Psychology

Hands-on learning

Our impressive facilities make your learning as practical as possible.

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