Dr Praveetha Patalay

Senior Lecturer in Population Mental Health and Child Development Psychological Sciences


    Structure and development of psychopathology

    I am interested in applying different methodologies to understanding the underlying latent structure of psychopathology, including recent applications of bi-factor models and network analysis that are providing new insights into how we conceptualise and understand psychiatric disorders and the observed high levels of co-morbidity of symptoms. Wellcome Trust funded project to start in early 2017 investigating networks of symptom development through childhood.

    Cross Cohort Research Programme - mental health strand

    I am involved in the 'Childhood mental health trajectories and lifetime consequences programme' in the Cross-Cohort Research Programme (CCRP) based at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies CCRP website.
    We are using data from the four British Birth Cohort Studies (1946, 1958, 1970 and Millennium cohorts) to investigate various aspects of mental health trajectories over the life-course and cohort differences

    Mental ill-health and wellbeing
    Infographic outlining findings from Patalay & Fitzsimons, 2016
    Infographic outlining findings from Patalay & Fitzsimons, 2016

    How are mental ill-health and subjective wellbeing related and are the same risk and protective factors operating for these outcomes? Overview of some findings

    Research Grants
    • Symptom networks in childhood: a new approach for understanding the structure and development of psychiatric disorders
    • Generating and Facilitating Learning for HeadStart
    Research Collaborations

    Centre for Longitudinal Studies

    Project: Cross Cohort Research Programme

    Collaborating on various studies investigating mental health through the lifecourse.

    Miranda Wolpert and Jessica Deighton

    External: Evidence Based Practice Unit (UCL and Anna Freud Centre)

    Various ongoing projects including the evaluation of Headstart (2016-2023)

    Valerie Brandt

    External: University of Southampton

    Collaborations investigating comorbidities of tics/Tourettes in childhood and more generally examining the neurological correlates of disorders

    Elian Fink

    Project: Social relationships and mental health
    External: Cambridge University

    We collaborate on investigations of the role of peer relationships and the school environment on the development of externalising and bullying behaviours

    Helen Sharpe

    Project: Body dissatisfaction and mental health
    External: University of Edinburgh

    Investigating the relationships between body dissatisfaction, perceived and real weight and depressive symptoms in longitudinal studies.

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