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Prof Mari Lloyd-Williams F.R.C.P., M.D., F.R.C.G.P., M.Med.Sci., ILTM.,

Professor / Honorary Consultant in Palliative Medicine Health Services Research


    Research Interest 1

    Psychosocial research in palliative care ; innovative methods of assessing depression and other forms of psychological morbidity in this patients groups; innovative interventions for psychological morbidity in patients with life limiting illness:interface of palliative care with primary care and secondary care; palliative care for marginalised groups e.g. patients with co-existing mental health needs or dementia; delivery of educational interventions to improve palliative care delivery; Palliative care needs of adolescents and young adults and the support needs of bereaved children and adolescents. I Chair the Psychosocial Studies Awards Committee for the cancer charity Tenovus.

    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Peer support to maintain psychological wellbeing in people with advanced cancer: A feasibility study for a Randomised Controlled Trial.
    • A randomised controlled trial to determine the clinical and cost effectiveness of a self-management intervention for the respiratory distress symptom cluster (breathlessness-cough-fatigue) in lung cancer.
    • Can Volunteers support increased activity in older people with long term conditions attending volunteer-led group social day care provision?
    • Day Care Provision ad Service Utilisation for Older people with Long Term Conditions - a comparison of socio economic areas and cost analysis a pilot feasibility study
    • A randomised trial to determine clinical and cost effectiveness of narrative intervention for depression in patients with advanced cancer
    • What do carers of patients with cancer & advanced progressive illness find burdensome during the final year of life; how might this be alleviated by the adoption of an alert system
    • Improving psychological care for patients with advanced cancer.
    • The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of acupressure for the control and management of chemotherapy-related acute and delayed nausea.
    • Rehabilitation needs and acceptability of rehabilitation services in patients newly diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer (Jo Bayly Fellowship).
    • Advanced Dementia - what care do patients and carers need?
    • A R&D programme to increase equity of access to high quality mental health services in primary care
    • Evaluation of the palliative care initiative.
    • A prospective longitudinal study to determine the prevalence, aetiology and natural history of depression and demoralisation in patients with advanced metatastic cancer
    • Public Health and End of Life Issues
    • Palliative Care for Dementia.
    • Cancer Experience Collaborative.
    • Pilot feasibility randomised trial of a novel non-pharmacological intervention for the management of the respiratory distress symptom cluster (breathlessness, cough, fatigue) in patients with advanced lung cancer.
    • Mental health needs in patients with advanced cancer - implications for primary health care teams.
    • Development and Evaluation of an Intervention to Assist Lay Carers to Provide Physical Care to Family Members with Cancer at End of Life
    • Clara e burgess charity trust.
    • "We didn't know where to turn." When a parent with dependent children has advanced cancer: A qualitative study of family experiences and services.

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