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Prof Julian Pine

Psychological Sciences


    Research Group Membership
    Research Grants
    • Story Starters
    • The role of the agent in sentence comprehension by preschool children
    • How do children restrict their linguistic generalizations? An empirical approach.
    • The Centre for Language and Communicative Development.
    • Modelling the cross-linguistic pattern of verb-marking and utterance-internal omission errors in MOSAIC using syllabified input
    • Comparing two new single-process accounts of the restriction of argument-structure generalizations
    • Modelling the development of finiteness marking in English, German, and Spanish.
    • Modelling the cross-linguistic pattern of finiteness marking in declaratives and questions
    • Developing a psychologically realistic generalisation mechanism within MOSAIC
    • The formation and restriction of linguistic generalizations: Integrating experimental and computer-modelling approaches.
    Research Collaborations

    Dr Danielle Matthews

    External: The University of Sheffield

    A Nuffield-funded project aimed at investigating the effect of maternal contingency on early language development

    Dr Kirsten Abbot-Smith

    External: The University of Kent at Canterbury

    ESRC-funded project focused on using eye-tracking measures to investigate children's comprehension of active and passive sentence structure.

    Professor Fernand Gobet

    External: Brunel University

    An ESRC-funded project that uses computational modelling techniques to investigate the acquisition of word class categories such as Noun and Verb

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