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Prof Fernand Gobet Ph.D.

Professor Psychological Sciences


    Research Interest 1

    My research spans cognitive science, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, artificial intelligence, education, and philosophy. It is centred around the development of the CHREST (Chunks Hierarchies and REtrieval STructures) architecture. CHREST has been applied to chess expertise, concept formation, the acquisition of multiple diagrammatic representations, and the acquisition of syntax and of vocabulary. I'm also interested in the methodology of developing computational models.

    I'm trying to understand the mechanisms underlying the acquisition of expertise, with a special focus on learning, memory, perception and attention processes in skilled individuals. This interest in understanding expertise has also led me to research individual differences and teaching and training methods in education.

    My research uses experimental investigations, computer simulations, and theoretical investigations.

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    Research Grants
    • Developing a psychologically realistic generalisation mechanism within MOSAIC
    • The Centre for Language and Communicative Development.
    • Automatic Generation of Scientific Theories.

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