Prof Bridget Young BA, PhD, C Psychol.

Professor of Psychology and Theme Lead – Communication for Clinical Practice Psychological Sciences


    Research Interest 1

    My research focuses on communication in clinical settings, particularly in paediatrics and cancer care. I also work to enhance clinical trials, including recruitment to clinical trials, patient and public perspectives on clinical research, measurement of health outcomes in children and the use of qualitative methodologies for informing the design, conduct and interpretation of research to evaluate healthcare interventions. I also conduct research that aims to enhance communication education for clinical students and practitioners.

    Research Grants
    • MIROR Methods in research on research
    • From evidence to guidance on patient recruitment to clinical research in intensive care units.
    • Radiation versus observation following surgical resection of Atypical Meningioma: a randomised controlled trial (The ROAM trial).
    • Methods for Patient and Public Involvement in Clinical Trials: A Research Priority and Agenda Setting Exercise.
    • North West Hub for Trial Methodology Research (NWHTMR)
    • Adverse Drug Reactions in Children.
    • Paediatric Accrual and Recruitment Workshop
    • North West Research Design Services (Phase 2).
    • Alleviating Emotional Distress in Adolescent Survivors of Cancer
    • Quality of life and childhood disability.
    • Development of Alcohol-Related Aggression Scripts and Alcohol-Related Aggression in Alcohol-Naive Adolescents.
    • Development of a quality assessment tool for core outcome set development
    • Process in recruitment to randomised controlled trials (RCTs) of medicines for children.
    • Relationships Between Parents and Practitioners Regarding Children with Leukaemia: the Rapport Study.

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