Photo of Prof Adrian Bagust

Prof Adrian Bagust B.Sc., C.Math., C.Sci.

Professor (Modelling in Health) Health Services Research


Personal Statement

My primary discipline is Mathematics,and over the course of my professional career I have been involved in applying analytic and modelling methods in a variety of different environments including local government, service planning, policy analysis, operational problem solving, consultancy, health and social services, and health economics.
I spent five years working for the NHS as Regional Operational Research Analyst in Manchester, before moving to the University of York as Deputy Director of the York Health Economics Consortium in 1990. From 1997, I split my time between York and the University of Liverpool where I worked within the Prescribing Research Group.
From 2001, I took on the role of leader of health economics and decision modelling within LRiG when it was established with a grant from the Department of Health to provide independent advice to NICE technology appraisal committees. In 2004, I took up a full-time professorial position at the University of Liverpool which has allowed me to concentrate my energies within the LRiG team.
My abiding interest is in exploiting the potential of quantitative methods to improve our understanding of the dynamics of disease processes, and how various medical interventions can be shown to change outcomes for patients.

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