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Inspiring change. Investing in you.

The Institute of Psychology, Health and Society places people first. From staff and students to partners and funders, collaboration is at the heart of delivering our world-class research projects. We work together to improve the lives of individuals and societies in communities, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our commitment to delivering excellence has attracted world-leading academics to the Institute, and we are proud of and inspired by what they achieve. We are focused on supporting all staff to build their profile and progress their academic careers during their time here.

Our learning community extends beyond our staff and students. Relationships with partners and funders are fundamental to the delivery of excellent research results and to providing the highest standard of academic teaching.

We have a cohort of 100 postgraduate research students, working across the spectrum of our research projects. The Institute also invests over £400,000 per annum in studentships, and towards supporting all students to succeed in their studies.

We employ 240 staff across three departments, with 37 senior professorial staff, 65 teaching and research academics, 98 researchers and a further 41 professional services and technical staff.

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