Liverpool Public Health Observatory

Our Work

Below you can read a summary of the work we do here at LPHO.  Please see our 'Publications' page for more details and links to reports.

Health Needs Assessments (HNA)

During the period 2011 to 2014, LPHO carried out nine locally based health needs assessments (HNAs) on a range of topics, including dental health (work in progress, October 2014), homelessness, learning disability and autism; ex-armed forces personnel; young and adult offenders; child and adult mental health; and sexual violence. Each HNA includes some or all of the following features:

  • Collection of relevant local and national statistics
  • Surveys relating to the topic area
  • Literature reviews

For example, a recent HNA of Health needs assessment of young offenders in the youth justice system on Merseyside includes detailed demography of the young offender population, both nationally and on Merseyside, and a brief review of relevant literature, as well as interviews with young people and health care staff, in both secure and community settings (report no.92).

Cost Effectiveness Reviews

This series aims to provide a comprehensive review of the literature on the evidence of the cost effectiveness and potential cost savings of preventive programmes. Each review covers a different topic. Topics covered so far are Diet and Healthier Eating (report no. 89); Alcohol (report no. 84); and Physical Activity (report no. 83).

Having all the information in one document will make it easier for public health to develop a business case for continued investment in preventive services.

Policy Impacts

In 2012, LPHO produced an assessment of the economic downturn on health and wellbeing (report no. 88). LPHO has also reported on the expected outcomes of alcohol minimum pricing (LPHO Issues series 10).

Evidence based reviews of interventions

In 2009/10, LPHO produced a series of reports gathering the evidence on interventions to reduce hospital admissions for a range of conditions (report nos. 78 to 82). In 2014, LPHO commenced a series of evidence reviews on various topics, including loneliness interventions, monitored dosage systems and suicide prevention training.

Top Tips

The 'Top Tips' series was designed to support partners in focusing on the actions they can take to improve health in various settings. The series covered hospitals, local authorities, the workplace, sexual health and the planned environment. The work received a Highly Commended citation at the North West Public Health Awards 2007. There are practical suggestions for effective interventions in each priority area. See reports 64,65,67,72,73. The 2006 Top Tips on Healthier Hospitals is currently being updated (October 2014).