Forensic and Investigative Psychology

Key Projects

Interviewing with High Value Detainees (specifically operational field studies) and the interpersonal skills that are most effective at reducing resistance and increasing information flow.  FBI funded (£100,000.00)

High Stake Decision Making (specifically consequence choosing, interoperability and decision inertia in critical incidents (terrorism, disasters, major investigations) Includes decision making in the use of autonomous systems, immersive learning systems for training and operational debriefing for critical and major incidents (£230,000.00)

Risk Assessment and Risk Management Decisions  (specifically tools for LEA in managing sex offenders and indecent images of children)  European Commission funded (£140,000.00)

Exploring the influence of courtroom questioning and pre-trial preparation on witness accuracy for the Arts & Humanities Research Council.  AHRC funded (£41,000.00)

Identifying Vulnerable Guidance (Office of Security and Counter Terrorism)

Contribution to Teaching

Our experts share their knowledge by lecturing on taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses and supervising PhD projects.

MSc Investigative and Forensic Psychology (Liverpool)

MSc Investigative and Forensic Psychology (London)

BSc Psychology