About our research

Liverpool Psychology in Cancer Care Research Group brings together psychologists from the University's Division of Clinical Psychology and from the Liverpool Cancer Psychology Service, and other clinicians and academics with whom we collaborate in research and evaluation.

The origin of the group lies in early links between the Breast Unit in the Royal Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Trust and the Division of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool. These led to a unique and exciting collaboration between the University Division of Clinical Psychology, the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Liverpool Primary Care Trust. Several posts have also since been ‘adopted’ by Macmillan.

In 2009, this collaboration gave rise to the Liverpool Cancer Psychology Service. Establishing this service means that all people in Liverpool who are affected by cancer and who need specialist psychological support can access it from a service in which clinical work is intimately informed by – and informs – internationally leading research.

Our aim is to improve patient care through continuing to build effective collaborations and by prioritising research and evaluation that improves understanding of the experiences and needs of people affected by cancer. 

Our research and clinical work has helped us to develop some information for patients about understanding emotional reactions to cancer.  This can be found here

Information for patients on emotional reactions to cancer.