Understanding and Addressing Complexity in Primary Care

About our research

We undertake mixed methods to explore a range of complex interventions and healthcare settings, primarily focusing on the community and primary care or shared care.

Examples of projects and research programmes within this theme include:

  • Exploring Innovation and Technology solutions for managing health and illness
    • Soprano (Byrne, Sixsmith et al)
    • Lay Health Trainers (Gabbay, Byrne, Capewell et al)
    • Diabetic Eye Screening (Harding, Byrne, Gabbay et al)
    • Empowerment through Health Checks HItPES (Gabbay, Byrne, Salmon et al)
    • Substance Misuse (Byrne, Gabbay, Fletcher)
    • Novel technologies to identify dental mineralisation states and trends (Higham et al).
  • Generalist Solutions for Complex Problems (Reeve, Dowrick et al)
  • Health and Community Studies Research Unit (HaCCRU)
    • Risk, Relationality and Decision making in health and social care
  • NHS primary medical and dental care organisation, management and governance systems (Harris,Gabbay)
  • Health and Community Studies Research Unit