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Dr Vicky Fallon BSc (Hons), PhD, FHEA

Senior Lecturer Psychology


Perinatal Mental Health

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I am interested in perinatal psychology, specifically maternal mental health conditions occurring during pregnancy and the postpartum, including depression, anxiety, and psychosis. I am interested in how these conditions impact upon infant health, behaviour, and development with particular focus upon infant feeding, attachment, and temperament. My PhD research developed a measure of postpartum anxiety which has led to a particular focus on issues surrounding measurement and screening of perinatal mental health conditions. Finally, I am also interested in predictors of perinatal mental health, specifically support (formal and informal), and birth experience.

Infant Nutrition

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I am interested in early life nutrition, specifically breastfeeding and formula feeding. I am particularly interested in emotional and practical experiences affecting infant feeding behaviour, including guilt, shame, anxiety, and social support. I am also interested in infant feeding policy and how this influences health professional communication and interactions with mothers.

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