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Statistical Issues in the Design and Analysis of Research Projects

Course description: Statistical Issues in the design and analysis of research projects

Course overview
This three-day course will give delegates an excellent grounding in the basics of biomedical statistics, as well as providing a detailed introduction to other courses offered by the biostatistics team. It looks at the most commonly used study designs in biomedical health research, giving the background to the theory but also teaching participants how to apply their knowledge practically and interpret their results.

Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Course Description - Introduction to Meta-Analysis

Course overview

This workshop will introduce the basic principles of combining binary or continuous outcomes from randomised controlled trials using the statistical technique of meta-analysis. Investigating heterogeneity and the potential impact of publication bias will be discussed. The practicalities involved such as extracting data and interpreting meta-analysis will be explored in small group sessions.

Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis

Learning webinar recording and slides - An Introduction to Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis

These videos, originally part of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar series, introduce individual patient data (IPD) meta-analysis. Dr Sarah Nevitt from the University of Liverpool, UK, explains the differences between IPD meta-analysis and aggregate data meta-analysis and when IPD meta-analysis is the best approach to use. She provides examples of IPD meta-analysis and discusses practical aspects of retrieval of IPD from different sources such as pharmaceutical sponsored trials, publicly funded trials etc. Finally, she addresses the question of what to do when not all IPD is available for analysis. This webinar was organized by the Cochrane Statistical Methods Group, with support from Cochrane's Membership, Learning and Support Services.

Modules for 2021-22

Introduction to Statistics

Module code: DASC502

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