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Our People

Sheard, Professor Sally Head of Department & Andrew Geddes and John Rankin Professor of Modern History  0151 794 4552 S.B.Sheard@liverpool.ac.uk 
Adjei, Dr Nicholas Associate in Public Health Data Analysis  N.Adjei@liverpool.ac.uk 
Alexiou, Dr Alexandros Research Associate  0151 795 7517 A.Alexiou@liverpool.ac.uk 
Anderson De Cuevas, Dr Rachel Research Associate  0151 794 5755 R.Anderson-De-Cuevas@liverpool.ac.uk 
Atkinson, Dr Paul Senior Research Fellow  0151 794 5581 Paul.Atkinson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Bandosz, Dr Piotr Research Associate  0151 794 5420  
Barr, Professor Benjamin Senior Clinical Lecturer  0151 794 5580 B.Barr@liverpool.ac.uk 
Begley, Dr Philip Lecturer in the History of Medicine  0151 794 5581 P.Begley@liverpool.ac.uk 
Bentley, Dr Lee Research Associate   
Buchan, Professor Iain Chair in Public Health and Clinical Informatics   
Butters, Dr Olly Data Research Scientist  olly.butters@liverpool.ac.uk 
Capewell, Professor Simon Chair of Clinical Epidemiology  0790 801 6477 Capewell@liverpool.ac.uk 
Collins, Mr Brendan Health Economist and Tenure Track Fellow  0151 794 5283 Brendan.Collins@liverpool.ac.uk 
Cuitun Coronado, Dr Jose Postdoctoral Research Associate  J.I.Cuitun-Coronado@liverpool.ac.uk 
Cukic, Dr Iva Research Fellow  Iva.Cukic@liverpool.ac.uk 
Daras, Dr Konstantinos PDRA  0151 795 1402 Konstantinos.Daras@liverpool.ac.uk 
Donaldson, Dr Anna Clinical Lecturer  A.Donaldson2@liverpool.ac.uk 
Ellison, Ms Mandy Research Co-ordinator LiLaC2 / CLEAN-Air(Africa)  0151 794 4314 M.Ellison@liverpool.ac.uk 
Esan, Dr Oluwaseun Postgraduate Research Associate  Oluwaseun.Esan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Fleming, Dr Kate Senior Lecturer  0151 795 8300 Kate.Fleming@liverpool.ac.uk 
Geary, Dr Rebecca Lecturer  R.Geary@liverpool.ac.uk 
Harris, Dr John Lecturer in Health Protection  0151 794 9779 John.Harris@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kierans, Professor Ciara Reader in Medical Anthropology  0151 794 5602 C.Kierans@liverpool.ac.uk 
Kypridemos, Dr Christodoulos Lecturer  0151 795 0436 C.Kypridemos@liverpool.ac.uk 
Lai, Dr Eric Research Associate  0151 795 8302 Eric.Lai@liverpool.ac.uk 
Lloyd-Williams, Dr Ffion Research Fellow  0151 794 5303 F.Lloydwilliams@liverpool.ac.uk 
Magklis, Mr Manos Postgraduate Research Associate  Manos.Magklis@liverpool.ac.uk 
Maheswaran, Dr Hendy Senior Clinical Lecturer in Public Health  0151 794 5118  
Mason, Dr Kate Research Associate  0151 795 8304 Kate.Mason@liverpool.ac.uk 
McGarrol, Dr Sarah Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9792 Sarah.McGarrol@liverpool.ac.uk 
McHale, Dr Philip Clinical Lecturer in Public Health and Policy  0151 795 2613 P.Mchale@liverpool.ac.uk 
Melis, Dr Gabriella Postdoctoral Research Associate in Public Health Data  G.Melis@liverpool.ac.uk 
O'Flaherty, Professor Martin Professor in Epidemiology and Health Services Research  0151 795 4129 Moflaher@liverpool.ac.uk 
Orton, Dr Lois Senior Research Fellow  0151 794 5611 L.C.Orton@liverpool.ac.uk 
Pennington, Mr Andy Research Fellow and PhD Student  0151 794 5579 Ajpenn@liverpool.ac.uk 
Piroddi, Dr Roberta Research Associate  R.Piroddi@liverpool.ac.uk 
Pope, Professor Daniel Professor of Global Public Health  0151 794 5522 Danpope@liverpool.ac.uk 
Povall, Dr Sue Research Fellow  0151 794 4782 S.L.Povall@liverpool.ac.uk 
Puzzolo, Dr Elisa Co-Director of CLEAN-Air NIHR Global Health Research Group  Elisa.Puzzolo@liverpool.ac.uk 
Redhead, Dr Caroline Postdoctoral Research Associate  C.A.B.Redhead@liverpool.ac.uk 
Rose, Dr Tanith Research Associate in Health Data Analysis  0151 795 8313 Tanith.Rose@liverpool.ac.uk 
Rodgers, Professor Sarah Professor of Health Informatics  0151 795 8310 Sarah.Rodgers@liverpool.ac.uk 
Ronzi, Dr Sara Postdoctoral Research Associate in Global Public Health  0151 795 0132 S.Ronzi@liverpool.ac.uk 
Rotheram, Dr Suzanne Postdoctoral Research Fellow  0151 795 8326 Suzanne.Rotheram@liverpool.ac.uk 
Schlüter, Dr Daniela Lecturer  0151 795 8301 D.K.Schlueter@liverpool.ac.uk 
Schofield, Dr Pietà Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 795 7864 Pieta.Schofield@liverpool.ac.uk 
Shupler, Mr Matthew Postdoctoral Research Associate  M.Shupler@liverpool.ac.uk 
Taylor-Robinson, Professor David Professor of Public Health and Policy, Honorary Consultant in Child Public Health  0151 794 5594 David.Taylor-Robinson@liverpool.ac.uk 
Whitehead, Prof Dame Margaret WH Duncan Professor for Public Health  0151 794 5280 Mmw@liverpool.ac.uk 
Wickham, Dr Sophie Wellcome Trust Research Fellow  0151 795 8315 S.Wickham@liverpool.ac.uk 
Williams, Mr Steven Research Project Manager  0151 795 8311 Steven.Williams@liverpool.ac.uk 
Wilson, Dr Rebecca Data Research Scientist  becca.wilson@liverpool.ac.uk 

Master of Public Health Programme staff

Watkins, Professor Francine Senior Lecturer & Director of MPH Programmes   0151 794 4783 Fwatkins@liverpool.ac.uk 
Bates, Dr Vickie Lecturer & Director of Studies Online MPH Programme  0151 794 4215 Victoria.Bates@liverpool.ac.uk 
Clayton, Dr Stephen   Stephen.Clayton@liverpool.ac.uk 
Day, Dr Jennie Lecturer & Director of Studies Liverpool Campus MPH Programme   J.Day@liverpool.ac.uk 
Green, Mr Tom Programme Administrator  0151 794 8255 Thomas.Green@liverpool.ac.uk 
Jehan, Dr Kate Lecturer MPH Programmes  0151 794 5281 K.Jehan@liverpool.ac.uk 

PhD Students

Bennett, Ms D PhD Student   
D'Agostino, Mr M PhD Student   
Donaldson, Ms A PhD Student   
Edeghere, Mr O PhD Student   
Fahy, Ms K PhD Student   
Franklin, Miss C PhD Student   
Head, Ms A PhD Student   
Huang, Mr W PhD Student   
Hughes, Ms H PhD Student   
Inns, Mr T PhD Student   
Jones, Miss E PhD Student   
Li, Mr J PhD Student   
Mcneil, Ms J PhD Student   
Meysner, Ms S PhD Student   
Moonan, Ms M PhD Student   
Pennington, Mr A PhD Student   
Rutherford, Mr C PhD Student   
Saligari, Ms S PhD Student   
Schwaller, Ms E PhD Student   
Sloggett, Mr R PhD Student   
Smith, Miss Shelda-Jane PhD Student  0151 795 0131 Shelda-Jane.Smith@liverpool.ac.uk 
Zahair, Ms I PhD Student   

Honorary and Visiting Appointments

Ashton, Prof John Visiting Professor   
Bruce, Prof NG Honorary Professor of Public H   
Dahlgren, Prof Goran Visiting Professor   
Diderichsen, Prof Finn Visiting Professor   
Hawe, Prof Penny Visiting Professor   
Jacoby, Prof Ann Emeritus Professor   
Lambert, Dr Michael Hon Res Fellow  M.H.Lambert@liverpool.ac.uk 
Mackenzie, Dr Paul Honorary Research Fellow  Paul.Mackenzie@liverpool.ac.uk 
Mateo, Dr Alberto Honorary Fellow  Alberto.Mateo@liverpool.ac.uk 
Mcquillan, Ms VA Associate Lecturer   
Moore, Dr Maria-Anne Honorary Research Associate  M.Moore5@liverpool.ac.uk 
Moreira, Prof Patricia Visiting Professor   
Mosedale, Dr Sarah Honorary Fellow   
Naik, Dr Yannish Honorary Fellow  Y.Naik@liverpool.ac.uk 
O'Brien, Prof Sarah Honorary Senior Fellow  S.J.Obrien@liverpool.ac.uk 
O'Sullivan, Prof Helen Honorary Senior Research Fellow  H.M.Osullivan@liverpool.ac.uk 
Petticrew, Prof Mark Visiting Professor   
Popay, Prof Jennie Visiting Professor   
Shiell, Prof Alan Visiting Professor   
Stanistreet, Dr Debbi Honorary Senior Research Fellow  D.L.Stanistreet@liverpool.ac.uk 
Taylor, Ms Catherine Honorary Fellow  Catherine.Taylor@liverpool.ac.uk 
Tunstall, Miss Claire Honorary Lecturer