Mr Mark Warren MSc, BSc, FHEA

Lecturer School of Health Sciences


    Selected Publications

    1. An Isotoxic Planning Comparison Study for Stage II-III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Is Intensity-modulated Radiotherapy the Answer? (Journal article - 2014)
    2. The departmental impact of magnetic resonance imaging in the management of cervical cancer brachytherapy: a discussion paper (Journal article - 2012)
    3. Simulated versus traditional therapeutic radiography placements: A randomised controlled trial (Journal article - 2019)
    4. What are the current and future requirements for magnetic resonance imaging interpretation skills in radiotherapy? A critical review (Journal article - 2017)
    5. On target 2: updated guidance for image-guided radiotherapy Radiotherapy Board (Report - 2021)
    6. Sorting lung tumor volumes from 4D-MRI data using an automatic tumor-based signal reduces stitching artifacts. (Journal article - 2024)
    7. Investigating online adaptive workflows for prostate patients on the MR-Linac: an in-silico study (Conference Paper - 2018)