Photo of Professor Louise Almond

Professor Louise Almond



    Research Collaborations

    Dr Paul Christiansen


    Dr Sara Waring


    Dr Michelle McManus

    External: The University of Central Lancashire

    Knowledge exchange projects with individual police forces and national agencies.

    MSc Investigative psychology

    External: The University of Huddersfield

    Guest lecturer

    MSc Forensic psychology

    External: Manchester Metropolitan University

    Guest lecturer

    BSc Forensic psychology

    External: John Moores University

    Guest lecturer

    Dr Susan Giles

    External: John Moores University

    The behaviour and background characteristics of Learning disabled sex offenders

    Dr Keri Nixon

    External: John Moores University

    Behaviour and background characteristics of serious violent offenders

    Prof Laurence Alison


    Evaluation of the content and interpretation of behavioural investigative advice.

    Prof Gabrielle Salfati

    External: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    Offence behaviour and background characteristics of youths who sexually harm

    Prof David Canter

    External: University of Huddersfield

    Arsonists and their behaviour; Youths who sexually harm, background characteristics and behaviour.